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Tennessee Residents Add 9.25% Sales Tax (Davidson Cty) weight
Shipping Costs: Weight up to: 2lbs.add $4.95 Postage/Handling
                     5lbs. add $8.95 Postage/Handling
                     10lbs.add $13.00 Postage/Handling
                     15lbs.add $16.85 Postage/Handling
                      20lbs.add $21.15 Postage/Handling
                      25lbs.add $25.75 Postage/Handling
         Weight over 25lbs. add $30.00 Postage/Handling
Postage for orders outside the USA will be added to order total.

Method of Shipment: (Shipping Charges based on weight)

Method of Payment: Checks/Money Order  

Made payable to:  Miss Kate's Creations            

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EXCHANGE POLICY: Exchanges only within 30 days and item cannot be damaged.  Personalized items cannot be exchanged.  Sorry, no refunds.

DELIVERY and PAYMENT:  For orders using credit cards, cashiers checks or money orders -
         shipped within 2 weeks.
                                           For orders using personal or business checks, additional
                                        10 day wait for the check to clear your bank.

Checks, money orders, cashiers checks should be made payable to:
Miss Kate's Creations
mailed to:
900 Vantrease Road
Madison, TN 37115

FAX # (615) 865-9524

Before PRINTING, FAXING or MAILING, make sure you have filled in all appropriate spaces

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