Herb Catnip

Herb Catnip

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    Herb Catnip

    The herb every cat loves, our catnip plant seeds should germinate for you in 8-12 days under the right growing conditions. For bushier catnip plants, pinch back tops of their shoots when buds appear. Can also be grown for bee forage.

    Young leaves and shoots also impart a lemony-mint flavor to everyday cooking and catnip tea.

    Flavor: Lemony-mint

    Preparation Ideas: Use catnip leaves in your tea and cats won't be the only ones who can't resist this herb!

    Plant Type: Herb

    Fill Weight (grams): 0.525

    Grows Best In: Full Sun

    Days to Germination: 8-12 Days

    Days to Maturity: 70-75 Days

    Planting Depth: .25"

    Seed Spacing: 20"

    Growing Height: 25-35"

    Best Container Size: 12"+

    Instructions: Sow directly in the garen in full sun in ordinary well-drained soil. Thin plants to 20 inches apart when they are 2 inches tall. Pinch back the tops of the shoots for bushy plants when the buds appear.

    Suggestions: Harvest catnip by cutting off the top leaves and flowers when the flowers begin to open in early summer. Expect 2 harvests in a normal year.

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